A homegrown New Orleans girl with a love of food, New York and all things Bravo offering a realistic voice on current events, weddings, travel, girl talk and all social standards, or lack there of!

Originally created as 'The Proper Planner' this blog was an outlet for my day-to-day experiences through planning with my brides, vendors, venues, and my city!  But throughout the years, I've gotten off topic due to the many subject matters that creep into the world of weddings, relationships and women!  So please welcome "KS" (Kandidly Social by Kelly Sherlock) as the new social sounding board for social etiquette and all things trending but not just with weddings; with anything social that is worth talking about, or just peeving me off at the moment!  Check us out on Instagram at kellysherlockevents for more day to day content, videos and interviews! ENJOY!