Wedding Shoe ALERT! KiraKira Couture
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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
By Kelly L. Sherlock
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     As a wedding planner and blogger, I think it is super important to be up on all things wedding and all things that my clients and readers are looking for.  One of the main reasons that I cover bridal fashion week in New York every year is because it is important to know every element of the industry that I am representing. Although wedding dresses are at the very top of the list of things that my clients ask about, second to that (and maybe even sometimes before the dress) is “where can I find the perfect wedding shoe”.


      For me, that is such a subjective question; the perfect shoe?  When I got married, my best friends found an amazing shoe designer and they gifted me the perfect red stilettos for my big day.  Those red shoes completed my look perfectly and the decision to cut my wedding dress was based largely off of the fact that I knew my shoes would be amazing.  Everyone has different taste so it is important that we have many different designers out there working for all of my fellow shoe-loving gals (and guys, but that is not what we are focusing on in this article).


     Recently I received a text message from a fellow wedding vendor in the New Orleans market (shout out to Emmeline).  She came across a shoe that she thought would be perfect for me and boy was she correct.  As a matter of fact, that one text led to a two-and-half hour phone interview with an amazing new shoe designer who I know will be a dear friend for life.


      Her name is Jenn and her company is KiraKira Couture.  After five seconds of talking, it was no surprise that she would model her company off of making everyone, especially women, look and feel their best.  Kira Kira means bling bling and the goal of this shoe line is definitely to make you sparkle.  By day, a producer, mom, wife and entrepreneur, by night, Jenn is a producer, mom, wife and entrepreneur.  (Did you catch that, fellow side-hustlers?). As a self-proclaimed shoeista, Jenn set out to find a more comfortable shoe and in particular one that would translate from day to night for the hard core “multi-livers” like us!  The most comfortable shoe?  Everyone says that.  But no.  She really has taken her time to find out the perfect way to accomplish that.  


      I will not give away all of her secrets, but let me just say that this girl power/girls’ girl put on your best pair of pumps and figured out why other high heel shoes are so uncomfortable.  And when she figured it out, she followed it up by figuring out how to fix it.


      With prototype in hand, she knocked down the doors of every manufacturer she could find (most owned by men) and none of them would change the format of how a high-heel shoe was made.  She finally found a manufacturer whose wife happened to be at work that day.  The owner’s wife agreed to try the shoe on and it took only seconds before she convinced her husband that this was a shoe he wanted to make!  Jenn received approval for the patent of this new-aged make to the high-heel shoe on the same day that her beautiful baby boy was born!  Two babies on the same day, one could say, and now here we are …. About to launch the KiraKira Couture collection.


      For anyone who knows me, it is easy to see why I reached out to Jenn to connect my wedding world with her brilliant product.  With a logo that is literally a K and an S, just like the first two designs in the KiraKira Couture collection, I am also a stiletto-wearing business woman.  It certainly did not hurt that the first two shoe designs are named after Sex and the City characters (yet another love Jenn and I have in common) but most important, if these shoes can keep these feet feeling fresh after twelve hours on a wedding day, sign me up!  


      Currently, KiraKira Couture shoes are pre-order only, but after their launch buyers will have a chance to mix and match letters.  But more than that, and here is where my brides come in, you will have the chance to order your initials (or the first letter of your new last name) to wear on your wedding day.  I am bummed that this was not an option for me, although, who are we kidding, I still would have worn the K and the S – sorry Kevin.  


     Jenn’s goal is to make everyone look and feel as comfortable as possible.  Having the right shoes can complete any outfit and then having to change that part of your outfit because you are not comfortable all day seems a bit ridiculous.  For me, getting up and putting on something that makes me feel beautiful is a big part of making me feel great throughout the day, and a shoe is an important piece to that puzzle, if not the most important piece.  Jenn’s shoes are structured like a wedge, but look like a stiletto giving you the best of both worlds.  On a mission to create something comfortable, sexy and beautiful I’d say this is just the beginning.


 “We often say that our mind, body and soul should be taken care of in the best way possible, but what about our feet?”  Jenn Roth (KiraKira Couture)


Check her out on Instagram at KiraKira Couture and


My random Interview Questions:


Background - Jenn was born and raised in Dallas, but has lived in LA for the past 15 years.  She and her husband have been together for 13 years and they are enjoying every moment with their new love, 4-month old son, Wynn


Favorite Housewives Franchise? Dallas and New York


Other Favorite Bravo Shows? Southern Charm (the original)


Which Housewife has the closest shoe esthetic to yours?  Erika Jane, obviously!


Favorite Kardashian? Kloe


Have you ever been to New Orleans? “YES – about 20 times, we love it!”


What are some of your favorite spots in New Orleans? “We always start at Coop’s.  We also have to go to Jacques Imo’s Café, Frenchmen Street at night, Lafitte’s, Pat O’s, The Carousel Bar, Old Absinthe House, Muriel’s and even The Gold Mine!”


Other than you, who are your go-to shoe designers? Loves Christian Louboutin – “I remember the first time I saw a pair – I heard angels sing and my body just floated over to them”


The first pair of shoes you ever bought?  “The first pair of shoes I ever bought with my own money were Jellies”


Tell us about your wedding shoes?  “They were Giuseppe’s and they had a Swarovski crystal heel.” (photo below) 

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