Dare to dream and dare to be eaten
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Thursday, April 05, 2018
By Kelly L. Sherlock
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In a conversation with friends recently, we spoke about where we are in our lives.  Of course, we are happy to have the family, friends and careers that we have, but somehow there is that feeling that we are missing something.  For me, I am never satisfied once I achieve something I have set out to do, in particular when it comes to my career.  I immediately create another goal, and I instantly want more.  If I dream of planning one wedding, before the ink is dry on the contract, I have already set my sights on another.  For whatever reason, it is never enough, and I am not sure it ever will be.  I have recently been wondering if my overachieving nature is a blessing or a curse.  To truly achieve your goals and then want to step outside of the box to work towards something greater comes with a certain sense of judgment.  I have often been told that I will never be happy, but where is that judgmental statement coming from, and where will it ultimately get me?  Am I being told to stand still and sit stagnant by others who do not have the gumption to take a chance and face their own fears to reach success?  Or am I truly fooling myself thinking that I can "have it all"?

I believe that some of us were born to rise about the tide and some of us are fine being status quo. Does it make you boring or any less fulfilled if you okay towing the line? And does it make me unappreciative or any better just because I want to push against the grain? Only those that are insecure in their spot in life truly look to those beneath them or above them in judgment.  Those that shoot for the stars and miss might dream of what could have been, but those that never try at all cannot miss when they never dreamed of having and cannot fail at what they have never tried to get.  If fear and anxiety were the only difference between the ground and the clouds, then shouldn't you take a xanax and try to fly? 

Last night I watched my dog kill a beetle. Not because he needed it to nourish his body but purely for sport. I wondered if we are we eating away at our passers by purely for sport because we are too scared to walk their same path for fear of being eaten?  It made me think of the judgmental people I have come across that will throw the stick in your path just to see you fall.  But they are not throwing the stick because they want to beat you to the finish line; they are throwing the stick from the sidelines because they did not have the courage to enter the race.

I guess the overwhelming question for anyone chasing a dream is whether or not you are shooting for a certain star or just casting stones at others that intimidate you.  Are we trying to bring others down so that we can rise above? And do we really have the desire to rise or do we just want company down below?  Dreams and reality are often two very different things, but they do not always have to be.  Stepping outside and starting something new is scary enough without the lurkers and the posers.  Isn't there room enough for all of us? The world should consist of those that take the chances because they want to and those that sit in the stands for support because they never wanted to be on stage?  If you are happy behind the curtain, then step aside and give the spotlight to the dreamers.  And if you are a dreamer, appreciate the stagehand that is bringing your dream to life.  

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Your father in law - You are a pretty smart kid!
Love ya!
Melissa - I find I am a competitive person by nature. Always driven by achieving goals. Great read and I feel that, it's not that I won't ever be happy it's just I want to keep striving to find what else is out there that will add to my happiness and successes! Keep it I love this!