Video Booth

Many years ago, I had a bride request something like a photo booth, but different!  Something that involved video and interviewing, etc... So we put our heads together and she was able to show me something similar to what she was looking for.  I called upon my dear friends to partner with me and thus the Video Booth was created! 

Great for larger weddings and more outgoing guest lists, the video booth is a more interactive take on a photo booth.  We have done booths with props and we have had clients as for specific edits such as a dance montage, so you can truly make this booth your own.  But for the most part, we will help you come up with three questions for your guests to answer.  They can be as specific to you as you'd like.  Our friendly attendant and videographer will interview each of the guests that step into the booth.  Once all three questions are answered, the guests are asked if they would like to "freestyle" a message to the couple.  You can imagine that as the night goes on, the answers and footage become more and more hilarious. 

After the wedding, the we take the footage and edit it together, as you can see in our sample.  MORE TO COME.....

Pricing depends on location and additional set up (props, booth size, etc)  Call today for more information - 504-400-1233